Written and Read by Peter Kalifornsky

from: A Dena'ina Legacy, K'tl'egh'i Sukdu. pp. 364-365.
edited by James Kari and Alan Boraas
Alaska Native Language Center: Fairbanks.

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Click on a Dena'ina sentence for an explanation.
1. Gu dach' qents'ugh'i ben dazdlu. Over here there is a series of seven lakes.
2. Undadi ben en'at k'enuy'a qan gheneshu. At the last lake I came upon a beaver lodge.
3. K'iłkedi ba tanełu I set traps in the water for them
4.      ch'u quggił ba tananłu.       and I set snares in the water for them.
5. Łtaqul'i bidults'i. There were eight of them staying inside (the lodge).
6. Łuq'u q'anik'danełnen. I caught all of them.
7. Betsen ghenhdi k'q'ush gheshghun. I made dried carcasses out of that meat.
8. Ch'u yethdi dasgedi yighełu. Then I smoked them.
9. Qughusht'a dayesh hdi qun, zełghal, heyi niłtu. When they were nicely wind cured, I bundled them up (keeping them) for winter.
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