Postpositions are something like English prepositions and include words like "among," "for," "to," and "with."

There are two types of Postpositions:

  • Postpositions following a noun. Postpositions may be connected to the noun as a suffix or written as one word.
  • Postpositions following a pronoun. Postpositions are connected to the pronoun and are said and written as one word.

Note: The postpositions below include only a partial list. For the complete list see Dena'ina Topical Noun Dictionary by James Kari.


Postposition Meaning Example Meaning
teh among, between, during, in dghili teh among the mountains
heyteh (hey+teh) during the winter
egh by, to, at, about, in relation to sukdu egh about the stories
bejex egh

in relation to the caribou

u for, on behalf of ts'itsatna u on behalf of the ancestors
shu (sh+u) for me
q'ach' from Tseldatnu q'ach' from Soldotna
yuq' q'ach' from the sky
ch' to, toward bench' (ben+ch') to the lake
dghilich' (dghili+ch') to the mountains
q' on, like, in the manner of miłniq' (miłni+q') on the water
łuq'aq' (łuq'a+q') in the manner of the salmon
t'uh under ełnen t'uh under the ground (cache)
esni t'uh under the cottonwood
det without, lacking miłni det without water
ush det lacking snowshoes
with dezhuni eł with kindness
k'enyi eł with charm
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Combine any pronoun from the table on the left with any postposition from the table on the right.

Pronoun Meaning
sh- me
n- you (sg.)
be- (use with non-third person subject) him/her/it
ye- (use with third person subject) him/her/it
dna- us
h- you (pl.)
qu- them
qe- we
Postposition Meaning
-teh among, between, during
-egh by, to, at, about, in relation to
-hqegh by, near a place
-iniq' behind
-zah ahead, preceeding
-u for, on behalf of
-ch' to, toward
-q' on, like, in the manner of
-t'uh under
-det without, lacking
-eł with
-uqu for, seeking

Examples of Postpositions following Pronouns

Dena'ina Pronoun + Postposition Meaning
sheł sh + eł with me
nateh dna + teh between us
shegh sh + egh about me
hzah h + zah ahead of you (plural)
nch' n + ch' toward you (singular)
qudet qu + det without them
biniq' be + iniq' behind her
yezah ye + zah ahead of him/her/it
szah sh + zah ahead of me
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