Written and Read by Peter Kalifornsky

from: A Dena'ina Legacy, K'tl'egh'i Sukdu. pp. 436-437.
edited by James Kari and Alan Boraas
Alaska Native Language Center: Fairbanks.

Hear Peter Kalifornsky read the paradigm.
Click on a Dena'ina sentence for an explanation.
1. Un bedetgheshnił. I'll call him to come.
2. Un bedeshni. I'm calling him to come.
3. Un bedgheshni. I called him to come.
4. Un shdetunił. He will call me to come.
5. Un shełni. He's calling me to come.
6. Un shdgheni. He called him to come.
7. Un qbedetgheshnił. I will call them to come.
8. Un qbedeshni. I'm calling them to come.
9. Un qbedgheshni. I called them to come.
10. Un hdetunił. He'll call them to come.
11. Un qełni. He's calling them to come.
12. Un hdgheni. He called them to come.
13. Un qbech'detunił. We'll call them to come.
14. Un qbech'etni. We're calling them to come.
15. Un qbech'dgheni. We called them to come.
16. Un nahdetunił. They'll call us to come.
17. Un naqetni. They're calling us to come.
18. Un nahdgheni. They called us to come.
19. Un niłhdetutnił. They'll call to one another.
20. Un niłqetni. They're calling to one another.
21. Un niłhdutni. They called to one another.
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